Every dollar will help change a life

Are you willing to skip one trip to Starbucks? How about one less cheat meal? That’s all it would take from you to help us change the world. Think about it and when you are ready to do your part, give what you can!

How is your money used?

Every dollar received is used to employ our staff to make sure we are not only the highest qualified mentors, but also able to manage and take care of every young adult that needs our help!

Monthly Mentorship Program & Donation

Are you interested in funding a mentorship for someone you know and love, as well as providing a regular donation to aide a young adult in need? Focus Up offers a monthly $19.99 donation that would be a perfect fit for you! Follow the link below to get started in changing young adults’ lives.

Why we are asking you to give?


Highschoolers entering the adult world this year without a diploma

How are these young adults supposed to succeed if no one teaches them how. We are willing to mentor, are you willing to support us? Give them the advantage that you deserved to be given.

Donate by Paypal

Donate by Venmo

Pay By Check

Payments via check will be available soon! Please consider donating through another channel to show your support!

Pay by Cash

We do accept cash donations at our local events, please check out our Event page to see when you can come out to meet us in person!

Giving Options and benefits 

We will never make it difficult to give! Please find many different options on how we receive donations! All donations are tax-deductible and our biggest donors are honored below and with shout-outs on our social media! Oh, and of course, you are changing the life of a young adult. Don’t forget that!

Thank you for what you are willing to give!