About Focus Up

Our Mission Statement is “Focus On Three, Success Guaranteed”. By upholding the three tenants of Education, Perseverance, and Soft Skills we will succeed in our mission. Our mission at Focus Up is to provide the highest quality of educational resources by current successful professionals and mentoring to those that wish to change the path they feel they are on in life so that they have the greatest chance to succeed. Our goal is to see a consistent decrease in the number of young people staying in impoverished situations as they enter adulthood.

Are you a good fit for us?

Focus Up works with young adults between the ages of 16-24 (if you are outside this age range and need help, please contact us anyway and we will find someone that can help if we can’t).

Our Mentees are driven to make a difference in their lives but don’t know where or how to start. They say to themselves “If only I knew how to do this, I would do everything I could to make my life a better one”. Anyone regardless of specification deserves a better life so if you want help changing the path that your life is on or even just want to know you’re heading down the right one, Focus Up is here to help you. Please do yourself a favor and reach out to us today so we can help shoulder the weight you feel.

How We Got Started

Focus Up was founded in 2022. A group of successful professionals that wanted to make a difference decided to stop thinking and talking about making a difference and instead put their education and real-world training into a company that focused on accomplishing those thoughts. Stephen Slappey (founder) stepped away from his two award-winning marketing firms because he saw an issue that a lot of people cared about but not enough people were willing to take action on.